Macrobotanical Analysis

Analysis of macrofloral remains, including wood charcoal, charred seeds, and other botanical remains.

  • Macrobotanical AnalysisIdentification of charcoal by genus for radiocarbon dating;
  • Flotation of bulk soil samples;
  • Screening and analysis of heavy fraction and bulk soil;
  • Complete analysis will include a report on macrofloral identification, a discussion of the ubiquity of each taxon, discussion of the context of the remains, and ethnohistoric botanical review of uses for each taxon.
  • $60 per hour for specimen identification of charcoal or individual analysis.
  • $90 per 2 liter sample for flotation.  Oversize samples will be charged an additional $60 per hour after the first hour.
  • $270 per sample for a floated sample (light fraction).  Botanic-rich samples may incur additional charges, which will be discussed prior to analysis.
  • $60 per hour screening and analysis of heavy fraction and additional bulk soil.

Macrobotanical reports from projects in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado are available upon request.

Please allow 45 days for completion of analysis and report for up to 10 samples. Rush analysis available upon request.

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