Federal Contracting through the General Services Administration

Alpine Archaeological Consultants, Inc. has been awarded contract GS-10F-0004S through the General Services Administration (GSA) for Environmental Services (Schedule SIN 899-1), which include Archaeological, Historical and other Cultural Resource Management Plans, Studies, and Consultation.   Alpine GSA contract allows federal agencies to obtain cultural resource consulting services from Alpine without a lengthy solicitation process because the company’s rates have been predetermined to be fair and reasonable and established contracting regulations are already in place.

To hire Alpine to conduct cultural resource services through our GSA contract, just provide your scope of work to your agency’s contracting officer and inform them that you wish to contract directly with Alpine.  Our current GSA schedule price list is presented below.  Alpine’s GSA Contracting Officer, Sally Kawakami (phone 253-931-7652) can assist you if you have any questions.

To contact Alpine with questions about the GSA contracting process or about our cultural resource consulting services, please contact Alpine’s General Manager, Kimberly Redman 970-249-6761 ext. 38.

Price List

SIN-899-1 and 899-1RC: Environmental Planning Services & Documentation

Alpine will calculate the total price for Environmental Planning Services & Documentation at the time the Delivery Order is placed. You may contact Alpine directly at 970-249-6761 ext. 38 for a cost estimate.

Alpine’s GSA hourly rates by labor category are listed below:

  • Project Administrator – $80.76/hour
  • Principal Investigator – $80.76/hour
  • Project Director – $56.27/hour
  • Project Archaeologist – $52.60/hour
  • Asst. Crew Supervisor – $42.32/hour
  • Field/Lab Archaeologist – $40.18/hour
  • Laboratory Supervisor – $52.60/hour
  • Asst. Lab Supervisor – $42.32/hour
  • GIS/Graphics Director – $52.54/hour
  • GIS/Graphics Specialist – $43.20/hour
  • Office Manager – $48.14/hour
  • Production (Office) Assistant – $31.20/hour
  • Copy Editor – $48.01/hour

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