Gas Pipelines

Alpine has worked on gas and liquid pipeline projects for more than 25 years. Over that time we have served the needs of our clients through innovative, timely, and cost-effective strategies and have never delayed construction. Alpine has the professional staff available to complete projects efficiently, and has administrative support to manage all sizes of projects. Alpine’s Statement of Qualifications and summaries of our pipeline projects are provided here.


Alpine recognizes that meeting the time requirements for pipeline projects is paramount. We have well-established relationships with land-managing agencies in our region and the FERC. These relationships assist in expediting consultation and review processes to the greatest extent possible.


Alpine has experience as the primary contractor to pipeline companies and as a subcontractor to larger environmental or engineering companies. Our staffing levels and administrative support allow us to meet the needs of our clients at numerous locations and several stages at once. Alpine is highly responsive to client needs and requests.

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