Electrical Transmission

Since Alpine’s inception, we have been involved in cultural resource compliance for electrical transmission projects. We are familiar with the challenges and opportunities associated with electrical transmission projects, and have the staffing and expertise to meet client needs during all stages of their projects.


With aging lines nearing the end of their permitted use period, the number of existing lines requiring repermitting is increasing. Many of these lines were not subjected to cultural or environmental analysis prior to construction, which complicates the repermitting process. Alpine is familiar with the cultural resource requirements routinely set forth by federal agencies. In addition, we are experienced at authoring cultural resource sections of Environmental Assessments for repermitting.


Alpine has served as the cultural resource contractor for new construction projects as well. We are familiar with the design-build process that is often required to achieve permitting and expedite construction.

Electrical Generation and Renewable Energy

We have witnessed changes in industry focus and continue to be available and excited to work on electrical generation projects in our region of expertise.

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