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Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

Holiday Card 2014 — Find the differences!

IMG_1198_MCR Modsm
IMG_1203_MCR Modsm


  1. Elves Switched Places
  2. Elves Switched Headbands
  3. Dog Missing
  4. Cookie Eaten / Missing
  5. Trees on Table Switched
  6. Spears Missing
  7. Reindeer in Front of Lady Elf is Missing
  8. Santa Moved
  9. Christmas Stockings Went from Nice to Naughty
  10. Snowman Moved

Can you find more?

2013 holiday card – owner snowball fight


2012 holiday card – staff spelling


2011 holiday card – staff photos

2011 Holiday Card

2010 holiday card – (digital) santa rock art

xmas rock art hi dpi

2009 holiday card – dogs of Alpinedog xmas collage